Help with a Federal Agency

Thank you for turning to my office for help with a federal department or agency.

Eighty percent of a Congressman's duties lie with helping constituents battle the web of bureaucracy that surrounds our government agencies.  Whether you need help collecting your disability payment, getting veterans benefits, a small business grant, or anything else requiring a government agency's involvement, my office is here to help.

The process can seem daunting, which is why I have broken down the casework process into a four-step process to assist you.  Of course, if you are still having difficulties finding the information you need, please feel free to bypass these steps and contact my office directly.


STEP 1: Determine Government Level

Before you contact my office for assistance with a case, it is important to determine if your issue is something that my office has the authority to help you. 

Federal Government

If issue involves a federal department or agency, the Congress, or the Federal Judiciary, you may want to search my Federal government casework section.  

Examples of federal casework issues include:

  • Receiving Social Security or disability checks
  • Obtaining U.S. Customs and Immigration Services Forms
  • Communicating with the IRS
  • Acquiring a passport


While my office is not permitted to ask federal agency personnel to do anything outside of the law or existing regulations, we are able to protect your rights and assist in correcting any agency mistakes.

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State Government

If your question or problem involves Georgia state agencies, the Georgia General Assembly, or the Georgia court system, you may want to search my state government issues section covering matters at the state level.

Examples of state issues include:

  • Issues with child support
  • State motor vehicle registration
  • State tax problems


State government issues do not fall within my jurisdiction as a U.S. Representative, but they can be resolved by state government entities. Contact information for these agencies are included in the State Government Casework section of my website.  

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