Service Academy Nominations

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a nomination to one of our nation's service academies.

Our service academies are gateways for exceptional young people to pursue rewarding careers in serving their country. In addition to superior military training, graduates of the service academies emerge with the academic and life skills to become successful and productive citizens.

According to Title 10 of the United States Code, those applying for admission to one of our fine service academies must receive a nomination from a member of the Executive Branch, U.S. House of Representatives and/or U.S. Senate.

As your U.S. Representative, I am proud to be a part of this important application process and have included directions below on how to receive an academy nomination. I admire the commitment, drive and patriotism of our academy graduates.

Please read the information below to find out more about the academy nomination process. Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Service Academies

The following is a list of all the Service Academies that require a Congressional Nomination:

Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado

Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York

Military Academy at West Point, New York

Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland

*Note that the Coast Guard Academy does not require Congressional nomination.


Eligible Applicants

In order to be considered for a nomination, applicants must meet the following requirements as of July 1 of the year of admission to their selected service academy.

An eligible applicant must be:

  • At least 17 years old, but not have passed his/her 23rd birthday;
  • A U.S. citizen, residing in the Seventh Congressional District of Georgia;
  • Unmarried, not pregnant and have no legal obligation to support children or other dependents;
  • An individual of good moral character who is trustworthy, emotionally stable and motivated.


Additional Requirements

Congressional nominations are based solely on the requirements listed above. Each applicant will be considered individually and judged on a cumulative assessment of the applicant's high school academic ranking, SAT/ACT scores, athletic ability and leadership potential as demonstrated through extra-curricular activities, community services or part-time employment.

  • Scholarship

The Academy Advisory Panel will evaluate a candidate's academic achievements by examining a complete high schools record, including a course transcript and extra-curricular activities, class rank and either SAT or ACT scores.

  • Physical Aptitude

Each candidate's physical strength, endurance and agility will be measured by a Physical Aptitude Examination (PAE). In order to find out the PAE requirements required for a specific service academy, please visit that service academy's website.

  • Overall Health

Eligible applicants must take a service academy qualifying medical examination at a military or civilian contract facility. Standards for these examinations vary with each of the academies and applicants should consult their desired academy's website in order to find more information on examination requirements.

In order to schedule an examination or have questions about their results, please contact the Defense Medical Review Board by clicking here.

Please find the 2015 Service Academy Nomination application below.  The deadline for application submissions is October 9th, 2015.