IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… FOX AND FRIENDS: Rep. Woodall Compares President’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal to Blank Sheet of Paper

Dec 3, 2012 Issues: Budget


(Washington, D.C.)  - In a Special Order speech on Friday, November 30, 2012, U.S. Representative Rob Woodall told America the President's fiscal cliff proposal is equivalent to a giant blank sheet of paper, saying it's “absent of any information whatsoever. ”   


A Member of the Budget Committee, Woodall believes the fiscal cliff conversation needs to focus on spending reforms and says as much in Friday’s speech.


“This is a giant blank sheet of paper.  It’s absent of any information whatsoever; because, so too is the President’s proposal for tackling the real economic challenge we have here, the real driver of budget deficits, the real threat to American economic superiority in this world: out-of-control federal spending,” he said.


The full clip is available here.