Press Releases

Jul 10, 2013

Reps. Schiff, Woodall, and Polis Announce $20 Million in Additional Funding Secured in Appropriations Bill for Cutting-Edge Energy Program

Last night, Reps. Adam Schiff, Rob Woodall and Jared Polis passed a bipartisan amendment to the Energy and Water Appropriations bill which would boost funding for the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) by $20 million, to a total of $70 million a year.

Jun 27, 2013

Woodall Releases Statement on U.S. Senate's Immigration Bill

On Thursday, the United States Senate passed a massive immigration reform bill. U.S. Representative Rob Woodall issued the following statement in response.

May 28, 2013

US Chamber Presents Annual "Spirit of Enterprise" Award to Rep. Rob Woodall

The United States Chamber of Commerce today presented Rep. Rob Woodall with its annual “Spirit of Enterprise” award for his strong voting record on critical business issues in the second session of the 112th Congress.

May 17, 2013

Woodall Promotes Accessibility Through Town Hall Meetings

U.S. Representative Rob Woodall has announced additional dates for his continuing Town Hall Meeting series, including his first lunchtime Telephone Town Hall Meeting next Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at 12:30PM. Woodall has hosted dozens of Town Hall Meetings across his District. All Town Hall Meetings are open to the public and to the press.

May 15, 2013

Oversight Committee Sets Date for IRS Hearing

U.S. Representative Rob Woodall will join his colleagues on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to hear testimony from top-ranking Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Treasury Department officials next Wednesday, May 22, 2013, at 9:30AM on Capitol Hill.

May 14, 2013

Woodall on the IRS Targeting Conservative Groups: Another Breach of Trust with the American People

Issues: FairTax

Last Friday, the IRS made a stunning admission to unfairly targeting conservative groups who applied for tax-exempt status over the last several years. U.S. Representative Rob Woodall, member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform and sponsor of legislation that would completely do away with the IRS, issued the following statement.

May 9, 2013

Woodall Hosts Chamber President Kim at Joint Session of Congress

On Wednesday, President Park Geun-hye, the first woman President of the Republic of Korea, addressed a joint meeting of Congress. U.S. Representative Rob Woodall (R-GA-07) attended the joint meeting and took with him two representatives from the Seventh District, Mr. Travis Kim, Senior Executive Vice President of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce, USA, and President of the Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta, and Mr. Andy Kim, Vice President of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce, U.S.A., Chairman and CEO of Corman Global Group, and Secretary of Korea Southeast U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S.A.

May 9, 2013

Woodall Introduces Budget Reform Bill

Issues: Budget

U.S. Representative Rob Woodall (R-GA-07) introduced budget reform legislation, H.R. 1871, the “Baseline Reform Act,” on Wednesday. The so-called “baseline” is an automatic inflator of federal spending that occurs irrespective of national needs or priorities. Woodall’s bill, introduced as part of the House Budget Committee’s Budget Process Reform series, eliminates this assumption of automatic annual spending increases in the federal budget.

May 8, 2013

Woodall Questions State Dept. Official at Benghazi Hearing

As a Member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, U.S. Representative Rob Woodall (R-GA-07) took part in Wednesday’s high-profile hearing on the September 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Titled, Benghazi: Exposing Failure and Recognizing Courage, the hearing gave Members of Congress, the opportunity to hash out the details of last year’s attack with officials from the U.S. State Department.

May 1, 2013

Woodall Releases Statement on U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling to Strike Down DOMA

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). U.S. Representative Rob Woodall issued the following statement in response.