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Congressman Rob Woodall

Representing the 7th District of Georgia

District Connection - 11/14/16

November 14, 2016
E-Newsletter Archive


Last Friday, millions of Americans took part in Veterans Day ceremonies across the country, including right here in the Seventh District. The men and women who have taken it upon themselves to join our nation’s military and serve the county and the people who make it great should always be honored for their sacrifice and service.

2016 Veterans Day Salute at the Gwinnett Fallen Heroes Memorial

It was a great privilege for me to join with our neighbors on Friday morning to celebrate that very sacrifice. Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties always do a fantastic job bringing our community together to show support and reverence for our veterans, and spending time at these events always opens my eyes and my heart to a deeper appreciation for all of America’s blessings—our veterans being chief among them.



The Seventh District has experts in just about every field and industry imaginable, and I make a constant effort to learn from our very best here at home and turn those lessons into public policy.  Last week, for example, I visited with the men and women at Winton Machine, Nidec Elesys, ASC Construction Equipment, and more.  They showed me around their operations and shared insight about how seemingly small decisions in Washington have big impacts here at home.  While their products may range from small electronics to large industrial construction equipment, the challenges they face are often similar.  Each business needs the certainty of a competitive tax code and a responsible regulatory climate.  Navigating endless federal rules or trying to compete in a global economy while enduring the highest corporate tax rate in the world doesn’t just hurt business; it hurts American workers, consumers, and ultimately our economy as a whole.  

Rep. Rob Woodall visits Winton Machine in Suwanee on November 10th

It’s no secret that in recent years we’ve seen federal regulations grow exponentially, and we are still in dire need of fundamental tax reform. But, the good news is that I believe we’ll have an opportunity to address both of these issues very soon and finally see a cooperative effort between Congress and the President.  In the House, we’ve moved many of America’s priorities forward, only to be stymied by others in Washington.  The American people voted for change last Tuesday, and they voted to end the road blocks to getting things done.  Irrespective of how you voted, a new Congress and new Administration offers us an opportunity to usher America’s to-do list – including tax reform and ending ineffective regulation – across the finish line in an effort to grow jobs and family incomes.  

For businesses all across the Seventh District and the entire country, those they employ, and those they serve, I’m grateful for our partnership and eager to get back to work. America’s best days are still ahead, and working together, we can achieve them. 



On Thursday evening I hosted a great many of you for a telephone town hall meeting. It certainly was an exciting event, and all I can say to those of you who couldn’t take part, is that I hope you can do so in the future because you missed a tremendously important discussion about our nation’s future. I know how hard it is to take time out of your evening and to spend it with your neighbors and me talking about public policy, but we all know that our government works best when Americans like us take part in the process. As we look forward to the 115th Congress and the work that is yet to be done for America, I hope that you will share your good council with me. And remember, you can always visit my website at to see when you can join me for my next town hall meeting.  Both a new Congress and a new White House are busy setting priorities for next year, and your input can move the needle.



I often tell my colleagues in Washington that I am most fulfilled and heartened about the future of America when I start my day with a school visit. Sometimes those are elementary or high schools, but last Friday, I had the great opportunity to start my day at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) visiting with students of various ages and at various stages of their lives. There were veterans, young people just out of high school, and adults going back to school after years in the workforce. What they all have in common, however, regardless of their political party, who they support for president, where they go to church, or what language they speak at home, is a desire to work together for a better America. 

It has certainly been an emotional past few days – some of our friends and neighbors have been excited and some concerned about our new Presidential Administration – but the uniting factor in all of it is that every one of us is ready to put aside our temporary differences and work together to ensure that our nation works better than it has ever worked before. We are blessed as a nation that the peaceful transfer of power from one party to the other and from one President to another is a common value. I hope that we can all embrace that common value and move forward together with a renewed sense that our future is strong. 



As we enter this “lame duck” session of Congress, we have a lot to accomplish.  I have high hopes for a productive 2017, and we can get a lot done in the remaining days of 2016 to make that more likely.

First up this week is H.R. 5982, the “Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2016.” It seems that at the end of every Presidential administration, there is a rash of last-minute rules and regulations that are put in place by bureaucrats who have already packed-up their desks and are ready to walk out of the White House for good. This bill is designed specifically to strengthen Congress’ institutional authority over the legislative rulemaking process and ensure that we maintain proper oversight over these last-minute – “midnight” – rules.   

After that, the House will move forward with another important piece of legislation to ensure that Iran doesn’t continue benefitting from American financial institutions or companies. H.R. 5711 prohibits the Secretary of the Treasury from authorizing transactions from U.S.-based financial institutions in connection with the export of commercial aircraft to Iran. It would also make permanent a prohibition on the direct and indirect financing by the Export-Import Bank to the government of Iran. Given Iran’s continued status as a state sponsor of terrorism and a haven for illegal money laundering, it is unconscionable that the Treasury Department is approving the sale of airplanes to Iran.


Rob Woodall
Member of Congress