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Congressman Rob Woodall

Representing the 7th District of Georgia

District Connection - 5/6/13

May 6, 2013
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“Made in America” is a goal we hear a lot and, unfortunately, for many businesses it still costs too much to achieve that goal.  I know that we have the most productive workforce in the world, and with our new American energy boom through oil and natural gas, we are bringing down the cost of production and attracting new manufacturers back to America.  While I am thrilled to bring these new manufacturing jobs to America, I want to take a moment to celebrate those manufacturers who never left.  I want to celebrate those manufacturers who survived the tough times and continue to employ our neighbors here at home. 

I make it a point to visit with as many of our local manufacturers and small businesses as I can.  These visits help me hear directly from job creators what they believe Congress can do that helps as well as what doesn’t.  I learn what you and I can do to support and grow our local businesses.  

Last week, I visited several of our local manufacturers.  Each visit was unique and I appreciate the time the owners and employees invested in me.  I am a better representative of them, and of the entire the Seventh District, when I can understand their work up close and get in-person feedback about how Washington impacts their daily operations.

Rep. Woodall at the Okabashi facility in Buford

Did you know that one of the only American companies to still produce footwear domestically is located right here in Buford?  Okabashi, whose footwear products you can find at a store near you, joins Allen Edmonds, New Balance, and a select few more as the last of the American shoe producers.  Did you know that a medical supply company in our backyard has developed tools to fight tuberculosis around the world and is custom designing equipment to lead medical innovation worldwide?  LW Scientific in Lawrenceville listens to the needs of its clients and custom designs and manufactures the cutting edge equipment required.  Did you know that a local company can turn any full color image in your head into fabric and then into clothing?  As member of our community, YSS Athletics in Snellville often uses its unique process to design uniforms for many of our local club and high school sports teams, but the company can achieve most any image and clothing goal.  These are but a handful of our local manufacturers, and each one of them provides a product that our community can be proud of.



I  had a very educational visit with the Forsyth County GA Farm Bureau at its headquarters last week.  You many know that according to the Georgia Farm Bureau, agriculture contributes more than $68.9 billion annually to Georgia's $719.8 billion economy and one in seven Georgians works in agriculture, forestry or related fields. Forsyth County is no small contributor to that success, and its concerns with increasingly burdensome government regulations were important to hear.  Realizing that some consumers have concerns about the practices at large “corporate farms,” many Americans are making the change to locally grown meats and produce.  I am to mitigate those regulations that were intended to keep big farms healthy and safe but have the unintended consequence of driving small farms out of business.  Maintaining a plentiful and healthy food supply is a national security concern, and our rules and regulations must keep those in the agriculture business—from farmers to farm equipment manufacturers—thriving. If you are in the agriculture business and have thoughts or concerns you would like to add to those shared by the Farm Bureau last week, please email me at and together we can work to grow this important industry one small step at a time.



I can’t tell you how uplifting my visits to our local schools are for me, and I am sad that this school year will soon be ending.  Among the last of the schools that I was able to visit this year were R.D. Head Elementary in Lilburn, Ferguson Elementary in Duluth, and Buford High School in Buford.  You’ve heard me say it before but I am sure that America will be in good hands with this next generation.  My visits throughout the school years have been inspiring and I always enjoyed the student interaction.  The fifth graders at R.D. Head Elementary, however, definitely win the award for most questions asked in an hour!  It was a great time.

If you have school-aged children in your life or work at one of our local schools, I’d love to make plans to visit your school next year.  Whether reading a story about our founding fathers to first graders or talking about foreign policy with 12th graders, I learn so much from our children.  They are a constant reminder of why you and I do all that we do, and if I can give just a little back to them, I’d love to do so in a visit.  On my webpage,, I have a web form that is easy to fill out to begin to get a meeting on the calendar.



On Tuesday, April 30, the Georgia Army National Guard became the overall winner of a year-long competition amongst all Army National Guard units throughout the country.  In recognition of its outstanding service and accomplishments, the Georgia Army National Guard received the distinguished U.S. Army Community of Excellence Award.  The Georgia Guard outranked all other units in the competition’s four main categories, including quality strength, logistics excellence, preeminent facilities, and individual and organization learning.  

The Georgia Army National Guard has more than 11,000 citizen-soldiers training in more than 65 facilities across the State of Georgia.  These brave citizen-soldiers are not only going into the theater to assist our men and women on the ground as they engage insurgents and terrorists, but they are continually working hard to improve their organization at home.  I am so proud to see our Georgia military men and women meeting all of the challenges that are put in front of them and leading the effort to make our military even better.  I am confident that the Georgia Army National Guard will continue its dedication and commitment to provide for the safety and security of our country.  May God bless them and their families, and may God bless America.   




5:00PM - The House Committee on Rules will hear testimony on H.R. 1406, the “Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013,” sponsored by Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL).  You can watch the live stream of the hearing by visiting the Rules Committee website here


3:00PM - The House Committee on Rules will hear testimony on H.R. 807, the “Full Faith and Credit Act,” sponsored by Rep. Todd McClintock (R-CA).  You can watch the live stream of the hearing by visiting the Rules Committee website here


10:30AM – Join meeting of Congress with President Park Geun-hye of the Republic of Korea.  The event will be streamed live on C-SPAN, which you can access here.

11:30AM – I will join my colleagues on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for a hearing entitled, “Benghazi: Exposing Failure and Recognizing Courage.”  You can watch the live stream of the hearing by clicking here.


Rob Woodall