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Congressman Rob Woodall

Representing the 7th District of Georgia

Washington Watch - 2/29/16

February 29, 2016
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Last week, the House passed by voice vote two bills that expand popular historic and tourist attractions in the State of Georgia: H.R. 3371, the “Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Boundary Adjustment Act,” and H.R. 2880, the “Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park Act.” Expanding both of these historic sites is important because the thousands of Americans who visit these sites every year deserve to know the full, historic story of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain and the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. These Georgia landmarks are a gift to the nation, and I was proud to join with all my House colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support them. 



On Tuesday, March 1st, voters in the State of Georgia – along with voters in 11 other states – will go to the polls and make their choice for their party’s nominee for President of the United States. I know that many people have already participated in early voting across the state, and for that, I thank you. Voting is our right as Americans, but more than that, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our neighbors, and our Founding Fathers to ensure that we are taking an active role in the future of our Republic. If you haven’t already voted early, I encourage you to get out to your polling place on Tuesday and vote. And if you don’t know where your polling place is, you can look it up at the Georgia Secretary of State’s “My Voter Page” website. 



As you may know, the Muslim Brotherhood is a decades-old organization formed to establish a global Islamic state. This group and its followers have long perpetrated terror as a means to achieve their goal of destroying Western civilization from within. While the Secretary of State has the authority to designate this group as a foreign terrorist organization, which would deny admittance to aliens tied to the group and subject persons who provide material support to the group to federal criminal penalties, the Obama Administration has declined to do so. This week, the House Judiciary Committee passed legislation that would tell the State Department to formally designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization—and short of that, require the Administration to tell the American people why it has declined to do so. The bill, H.R. 3892, will now go to the full House for further consideration. In a time of great international unrest and growing danger here at home, the American people deserve protection from barbaric terrorist organizations and honest answers from their public officials.

The recent attacks in San Bernardino and Paris are sobering reminders that the threat of terror against the western world is a very real one, and I can assure you that the House has been hard at work in the months following by working to fill potential gaps in our nation’s national security infrastructure. One such effort I’d like to draw your attention to is the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s markup of H.R.4403 the, “Enhancing Overseas Traveler Vetting Act.” 

This legislation would direct the Departments of Homeland Security and State to update the software these agencies use to better screen international travelers against current terrorist watch lists and other law enforcement databases. The busiest airport in the world by passenger volume is right here in our backyard in Atlanta, and knowing as much as possible about those who are traveling to Atlanta—and the rest of America for that matter—could not be more important in our nation’s efforts to halt attacks before they happen. I appreciate the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s work in moving this legislation forward. 



Our tax code is a mess, and it’s no secret in Washington that I believe the FairTax is the fundamental tax reform we need. Businesses continue to export American jobs rather than American products overseas because of our destructive tax code, and that has to stop. So last week the House Ways and Means outlined in detail the very real damage that our tax code is doing to American families and our overall economic competitiveness.  You can watch Chairman Brady’s remarks here, and I will continue to make the case to my colleagues that ripping up our broken tax code by the roots and replacing it with the FairTax is the key to an economic revival here in America. 



Last week, I was pleased to lend my support to an important measure that impacts every American who, like me, loves the outdoors and all the activities that come with it. The bill I refer to is H.R. 2406, the “Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2015.” This bill protects the rights of Americans to enjoy recreational activities on their public lands, prevents an overreaching EPA from placing arbitrary bans on traditional ammunition and fishing tackle, eliminates Washington red tape currently standing in the way of sportsmen bringing legally obtained hunting trophies back to America, and contains a number of other provisions aimed at preserving and facilitating the ability of Americans to continue to enjoy the outdoor activities we’ve long known and love. The Seventh District of Georgia is a truly beautiful corner of our nation, and we are all truly blessed to call it home. For that reason, supporting this legislation to ensure that we all can enjoy our beautiful area for many years to come was a simple decision.



This week, the House is expected to pass two critically important bills that will reform parts of our nation’s Medicaid program: H.R. 3716, the “Ensuring Terminated Providers are Removed from Medicaid and CHIP Act,” and H.R. 3821, the “Medicaid Directory of Caregivers Act.” These bills will ensure that the Medicaid program is serving its beneficiaries and the American taxpayer better than it is today. 

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee is holding an extremely important hearing entitled “Executive Overreach Task Force of 2016: The Original Understanding of the Role of Congress and How Far We’ve Drifted From It.” For the past seven years, the President has increasingly taken the position that if Congress doesn’t agree with him, he can simply ignore Congress, ignore our nation’s laws, and do whatever he deems necessary. You and I know that is not the way our Republic is supposed to be run. 


Rob Woodall
Member of Congress