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Congressman Rob Woodall

Representing the 7th District of Georgia

Woodall Thanksgiving Message

November 25, 2012
Press Release

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the season of gratitude and joy. Americans from all walks of life gather with their family and friends to reflect on their blessings and to give thanks. I have heard others say that it is sometimes difficult to part the clouds and see all that we have to be truly thankful for, but I think of it simply.

There are a lot of other countries that you and I could live in today, other countries in which so many of us were born. As we watch the situation between Gaza and Israel escalate, I remember that an entire generation of Israeli children has grown up under rocket fire. While America celebrates Thanksgiving, Israel will be fighting for the very peace and freedom that we Americans so often take for granted.

The hand of God works in mysterious ways. As far as I'm concerned, however, I won the lottery by being born in America. I live in a country that provides more opportunities to succeed than any other country on earth. And you and I as citizens and voters have been given the awesome power and responsibility to keep it that way.

Is everything perfect today? Of course not. We have a long, tough road ahead of us. However, when I think about my options - when I think about our options - I always conclude that the United States of America, warts and all, is still the greatest nation that man has ever devised.

I join you in giving thanks for the blessing that it is to be an American. I wish you and your family a wonderful start to the holiday season. May God bless your family and our great nation, and may God give a very special blessing to those men and women celebrating Thanksgiving while serving America far away from their families and in harm’s way. For them and their sacrifices, we are especially grateful