December 2, 2011 Video
November 17, 2011 Video

In light of the Joint Economic Committee's decision to hear testimony on how tax reform could boost economic growth in America, Congressman Woodall takes to the House Floor, in this video, in support of the FairTax as an alternative to our nation's current tax code.

November 3, 2011 Video
Congressman Woodall discusses the importance of regulatory reform in Washington to help America's job creators.
October 26, 2011 Video
Congressman Rob Woodall delivers a speech to the House on the importance of continuing to work together to peel back excessive government regulation that hinders the success of the private sector.
October 7, 2011 Video
Congressman Woodall delivers a speech on the House Floor on immigration and the rule of law in America.
October 5, 2011 Video

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