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Congressman Rob Woodall

Representing the 7th District of Georgia

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July 28, 2014 E-Newsletter Archive

Humanitarian Crisis on America's Southern Border

July 21, 2014 News Story
A couple of dominoes had to fall, but the U.S. House leadership shake-up did allow one Georgian to emerge with new prominence: U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall.
July 21, 2014 E-Newsletter Archive

Protecting the U.S. Constitution

July 14, 2014 E-Newsletter Archive

Elected to Serve as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee 

July 9, 2014 Press Release
Today, U.S. Representative Rob Woodall issued the following statement regarding being selected as incoming Chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), a group of the most conservative Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.
July 7, 2014 E-Newsletter Archive

A Land of Freedom and Opportunity

June 30, 2014 E-Newsletter Archive

Leading a Hearing on Budget Reform

June 23, 2014 E-Newsletter Archive

Improving Congressional Transparency

June 17, 2014 Press Release
Today, U.S. Representative Rob Woodall (R-GA-07) and U.S. Representative Tammy Duckworth (D-IL-08) introduced H.R. 4872, the “Ending Special Mail Privileges for Congress Act of 2014.” This bipartisan legislation repeals an antiquated federal law, known as the Franking privilege, that allows Members of Congress to use their signature in the corner of an envelope as postage and exempts Congress from the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) prepayment requirement.
June 16, 2014 E-Newsletter Archive

House Passes Small Business Tax Relief Bills


In The News

March 16, 2011 In The News
"Rep. Rob Woodall, our freshman congressman, has been a poster child for government accountability. When he’s not in Washington, he’s back here in the 7th District meeting with constituents."
March 16, 2011 In The News
"Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Ga., said he has only begun the fight to defund health care and attack funding for the White House’s environmental agenda. 'If you think I am done, you are mistaken,' Woodall said."
March 15, 2011 In The News
"Rep. Rob Woodall (R., Ga.) signaled that although he was voting for the three-week measure, he would push for policy riders in future funding legislation. 'If you think I'm done trying to defund Planned Parenthood…you're mistaken..."
March 15, 2011 In The News
""I rise today … to support this rule that will bring to the floor a continuing resolution that will give the Senate three more weeks to get its house in order to do the business that the American people sent the Senate here to do, to join us in doing the good work that we have done, and to move a bill to the president's desk," said Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.)."
March 15, 2011 In The News
"Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.) led the debate by saying the purpose of the three-week spending bill is to give the Senate more time to consider H.R. 1 and establish its own budget position so the House and Senate can negotiate."
February 26, 2011 In The News
U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Lawrenceville, cast his vote in favor of House Resolution 1, which would provide continued discretionary spending for the rest of fiscal year 2011.
February 23, 2011 In The News
U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Lawrenceville, arrived for a town hall meeting Saturday at the government buildings in Walton County fresh off a 4 a.m. vote in Washington he said cut the federal budget by $100 billion. The crowd waiting might have been happy to see him, but they weren’t going to let the congressman get away without questioning every move he’s made so far.
February 15, 2011 In The News
Americans will see “challenging and painful” spending cuts, Rep. Rob Woodall said Tuesday.
February 14, 2011 In The News
Today, President Obama submitted his budget proposal for FY2012. Now, the American people will be able to see just how serious Mr. Obama is about getting our federal spending under control. From what I can see, we have a long way to go.